24-day Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Challenge Program
for Athletes, Aspiring Athletes, & Anyone Who Wants to Get Healthy!

- Do you want to take your training or racing to the next level?
- Have you always wanted a nutrition plan to improve performance, recovery, lean muscle?
- Are you looking to lose a few pounds and get to your racing weight early in your training?
- Does your body need a metabolism re-set?
- Are you just looking to lose a few extra pounds, gain lean muscle, and strength?
- Are you looking to lose fat, improve body composition, increase your fitness level, learn good nutrition choices, and overall change into a healthy lifestyle?

WHAT IS THE 24-DAY CHALLENGE? It is a nutrition program specifically designed to help you improve your performance by preparing your body for optimal nutrient absorption, providing you with a solid nutrition plan to push you past the cravings for ‘crap’ food and move you to a concept where food is the fuel that runs your motor – and motor you will in your next race!  The fitness portion of the program includes a 24-day strength plan you can do from your own home, with a goal of improving lean muscle, not adding a ton of extra training. 

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Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result! Take the 24-day challenge & see the difference it can make for you!

The program costs $267 includes 24-days of:

  • Daily guide outlining your nutrition plan
  • Nutrition guide for optimal food choices
  • Easy to achieve cookbook
  • Weekly emails & communication with your coaches to keep you on track
  • Private facebook page lead by your coaches for team support
  • Protein shakes for a quality breakfast
  • Vitamin energy drink
  • 10-day cleanse pack
  • Amino acid supplements to shrink wrap your fat and protect lean muscle
  • Vitamins and supplements (including omega3 fatty acids) to maximize your energy, burn fat and improve lean muscle mass

All with the goal of making you fitter and faster! 

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Scroll to the bottom and select your favorite flavor. Upon ordering your kit, we will add you to the Private Facebook page, you can also request access by searching "RunVie Racing 24-day Challenge" - and we will send you a cookbook, important tips to get you started, and your challenge workout. You will receive lots of support! If you have questions, please contact us!

It’s a Challenge for a Reason – If you can do it for 24-days,
You CAN do it for LIFE!



Program is sponsored and lead by USAT & RRCA Certified Coaches Dan & Joette Bergeson of RunVie Racing.  Coaches Bergeson have been coaching athletes in the Tampa Bay area for the past 8 years.  They are experienced triathletes, duathletes, and runners competing in events around the world.  As USA Triathlon Coaches they have taken extensive coursework in nutrition for athletes and have helped numerous athletes achieve their training and nutrition goals.  They work with athletes of all levels – just getting started to Boston marathoning and everyone in-between.  They recognize that nutrition is the key to optimal performance, no matter if you are a weekend warrior or an aspiring age-grouper, you are what you eat and it makes a difference in how you feel every day, your recovery, your ability to push harder and farther without injury are all balanced by a solid nutrition plan.  This program is for all levels of athletes and has proven success.  Visit our web site for success stories from athletes who have completed the program – athletes you see around town! 

Frequently asked questions:
What if I already have a coach or a training program? The 24-day challenge is specifically designed to change or improve your nutrition, therefore participation in the ‘live’ coached group training is optional.  The fitness portion of the 24-day challenge is an easily incorporated body weight program but is also at the athlete’s option.  If your goal is better nutrition to improve performance, this is the right program for you!
Can kids participate? The 24-day challenge program is only for adults 18 and over, however when a parent is making a lifestyle change to better nutrition, we generally find that the entire family benefits from this change.  Attended children are welcome for free if you select the group training option.
I don’t have to lose a lot of weight, is this program for me?  This program is for anyone who wants to take control over their nutrition and be empowered.  It will help re-set your metabolism so your body can make optimal use of the food your provide it.  If you want to feel better, have more energy, and maximize your training and racing performance, this program is for you.
I’ve tried lots of weight loss programs, why is this different? The 24-day challenge is not a weight loss program.  Athletes may lose a significant amount of fat depending on their current BMI, but this program is geared at teaching you new nutrition habits.  You will need to eat 6 times per day, drink lots of water, and stay full.  This is not a starvation diet, this is a TRUE healthy eating plan for life.  Also, you do not have to ‘give up’ the things you love.  For 24-days you will need to change-up what you are currently doing, and at the end you decide what you want to add back in.  Easy as that!
What is expected of me? The coaches and ARC staff will assist you throughout the program, all we ask is that you read the materials and emails, follow the daily guide and nutrition guide, and EAT.  Yes, you need to eat healthy foods 6 times a day.  If you follow the nutrition plan you will be successful.  We have a 98% success rate with athletes joining the program and a 100% success rate with athletes you followed the plan.  The 2% who ‘dropped-out’ got to a goal weight and then decided they didn’t need to continue the program – we encourage you to finish to make the changes you need in your nutrition!
Can I have [insert anything you like to eat/drink here]?  For the 24-day challenge we recommend that you actually CHALLENGE yourself to change.  You can eat or drink anything you want, but we highly recommend no alcohol for the first 10 days and limited or no coffee throughout the program – oh no, but I love coffee… CHALLENGE YOURSELF, see what a few days without it is like and then add it back if you want or need to.  Once you start the program you can determine what works best for YOU.  There is caffeine in the morning vitamin drink.
What if I travel a lot? The program is uniquely designed to be easy to use and easy for travel.  It comes as packets that are easy to pack and easy to make and take on the go.  The biggest challenge for travelers is learning what truly ‘healthy’ when eating out.  It is an awesome experience that will change your life.
I see the word ‘cleanse’, what does that mean?  This is not your typical ‘drink lots of yucky stuff and spend 3 days in the bathroom’ type of cleanse.  This is a healthy 10-day period where you increase your water and fiber intake, and then replace the sludge in your gut with healthy bacteria (probiotics) to rid yourself of that dreaded belly fat and set yourself up for optimal nutrition absorption.  While the cleanse affects everyone differently, we have had very positive results without the negative ‘side effects’ (if you know what we mean).  This is work environment friendly!
I have an intense training program, will I have enough energy to train or race?  During the 24-day challenge you can continue your regular training and racing cycle.  Since the program affects everyone differently, we can work with you to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need to continue the hard efforts.  We have significant experience working with our athletes and helping to fine tune their needs, you may experience an ‘off-day’ as you learn about optimal nutrition and hydration for your effort, but in the end, you will be fitter and faster for it.  We will help!
I am allergic to [insert anything here], is this program for me?  Good nutrition can be achieved by everyone regardless of your dietary restrictions.  Talk to the coaches to ensure that the products do not contain items you are allergic to, there are generally replacement options to accommodate your needs.
I am a vegetarian/vegan, can I do the program?  There is a non-dairy and a vegetarian option for the protein shakes (there is a nominal fee for the vegetarian shakes).  Good nutrition can be achieved by everyone regardless of your dietary restrictions.  Talk to the coaches to ensure that the products do not contain items cannot consume, there are generally replacement options to accommodate your needs.
What happens after the 24-days? There are lots of options for after the 24-days including continuing on the new path of eating truly healthy foods as fuel.  Depending on your goals – eg, continued weight loss, high performance training, maintenance plan – we can recommend options you can consider.  No matter what, you continue what you have learned about YOUR nutritional needs.
What if I have friends or family who want to take the challenge but they are not local? This program is for everyone, please talk with Stephanie at ARC or one of the coaches and we can get the program to anyone who needs it!
Do you guarantee success?  While we do not have a money back guarantee on the program, we have seen 100% success in athletes who follow this very easy to execute plan.  Your success carries not for just 24-days, but for as long as you continue to care about what you eat.  During the program you will meet athletes like yourself who have literally changed their lives due to this program!
How do I sign-up? REGISTER HERE and we will get you all of the information you need to join the program!


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I did not take measurements but I can say that I lost 14lbs and at least 3 inches off of my waist. In MN right now. At the restaurant tonight, they had a "special". Chicken over mashed potatoes with a corn medley. Normally I would not have thought twice but tonight I enquired... The chicken was covered with a mushroom sauce and then of course there was the dreaded butter filled potatoes. So i had them change their "special" to something that was even more special. Chicken, no special sauce over wild rice with asparagus. They were happy to oblige. I went from just ok on the healthy meter to "bam" on the healthy menu. This is easy and I am starting to dig the hippie food.

Rick Brocket

Weighed in today just for grins. I am still at the weight that I was after finishing the 24 day challenge 2 weeks ago. Only 2 years ago, it was easy for me to lie to myself. I thought since I was working out, I was in shape and not overweight. I think the picture to the left proves me wrong. I am surprised I was able to run with that spare tire. I feel better and I even had a person tell me this week that my skin looked healthier. I think I will keep these pictures around as a reminder that just because the 24 day challenge is over, the fight for a healthy life is not. It is too easy to go back and so therefore I choose to keep the challenge going.




My results...I lost around 7 lbs but the biggest results that I saw were in my measurements. I lost 5 inches in my waist, 2.5 inches in each of my thighs, 3 inches in my hips! My energy levels were phenomenal! and I had an unexpected PR in my 10k!

We had fallen off our nutrition and needed to "reset". It's been great to pull out the clothes that I had thrown onto the top shelf of my closet over the last year to 2 years. I don't have the cravings anymore and this challenge has helped me give up a food that I needed to give up for my health....I do miss my dairy, especially my cheese, but I don't crave it like I used to. Thanks Joette Gdovin Bergeson and Dan Bergeson for introducing us to the Advocare Challenge. We will definitely continue with some of the products and remain on track with our clean eating!





OK here is my story... I didnt take any before photos never the less I can feel and see a differance. I have been working on losing wieght and getting for about 2 years when I started this journey I was well over 350lbs, I don't have the exact number because who really wants to weigh yourself when you are that big. I had done really well but had fallen into some bad habits and started to see my weight inch back up. So Dan Bergeson and Joette Gdovin Bergeson introduced my to this 24-day challenge and WOW it has changed me life.

I have lost 20.8 lbs 4.5 inches off my waist and several inches off chest, thigh and hips!!!! My overall fitness I believe is SOOOO much better. I feel like my running has improved my stamina has improved (coaches can confirm or deny the form question) but in short I feel incredible!!!! So my total lost weight in the 2 years is appox. 142 lbs with a long term goal to be below 200lbs .


So THANK you to my Coaches and Runvie freinds you are all incredible people and I am truely blessed to have you all in my life!!! P.S. as much as I did this for me my biggest reason are my family!! I Love my wife and and 2 girls very much and want to be here for them for a very long time!!!!!


Day 11: Phase 1 Complete! Down 4.6 pounds. I am happy with that and am on the right track to tracing my goal. Wish I had the opportunity to get BF%, the poundage works too. I can rally tell that my core is getting stronger from all the sit ups and planking. That 1 minute is rough, so let's see how it goes as the time increases.
I don't think that I have eaten too unhealthy in the past, but I am now being more mindful of what I eat. Also trying to be as sodium free as possible, which is tough.
I opened the Max Phase box last night and now understand what everyone was talking about. Just means I will be able to get in a lot of water.

Day 15: I decided to hit the treadmill today as my first planned race is coming up at the end of April and I haven't put my running shoes on since New Years Day 5K. Since Savannah I have only gone for three runs, so of course I am out of shape. Well, I only committed to 1 mile, set at an 11 minute pace, nice and slow. Because of the weight loss and strength challenge, I felt great! Strong core and strong legs. I considered going longer, but need to ease back in and stay consistent. By doing so I am more than certain I can reach my weight and race goals. Thanks Coach Joette and Coach Dan.


For the past few years I have been training and racing to my maximum potential. While I have had a lot of success, it became clear that my nutrition and diet was a limitation to reaching my goals. In-general before the challenge we trained hard and felt like we were generally eating 'healthy' and using 'good supplements' - and therefore we would also splurge as a reward for the hard efforts. Since the 24-day challenge we have changed our lives! We are now TRULY eating health and maximizing our nutrition to meet our full potential as athletes. At 49 years old I recently completed a 5k with near PR of 17:20!



FitFor you, Joette. Here's my "change" story: (sorry, no pics to share) I’m down 8 pounds and 3.5 inches total between my waist and hips. I can do 5 more pushups in 24 seconds than I could on Day 1 and, for the first time, 5 pushups from my toes! Woohoo. Strong is sexy! Kicking the cravings and taking back control over what I eat is empowering. Finding new and creative ways to fix food at home and on the road is a fun challenge and feels so much better than just following the crowd and eating whatever crap is served. However, the most amazing part of the past month has been watching my hubby transform from a steak and potatoes guy who protested that I even fixed quinoa in the same pans he used to cook food into someone who now eats it himself (in public) and even has a favorite kind. For me, the best possible outcome from the challenge is not faster race times, but hopefully a longer, healthier life with the love of my life.




Day 24! Finished my last 24-day Challenge strength workout. 3 min of planks after 50 situps. Ugghh. But I'm starting to see something that looks like they might be my abs. I'm not sure, .its been so long!

I lost 10 lbs and about 1.5 in on my waist. I used a metal carpentry tape measure, so I'm not sure how accurate the measurements are, but I was surprised that I also lost 1/2 to 3/4 in. around the chest and hips. Most importantly, I can't believe how much more energy I have. I took my kids to McDonalds after track on Thurs. and had no desire to eat anything there. I'm not saying I won't eat the occasional pizza or lasagne...or even ice cream, but I'm happy to be healthier and slimmer, not to mention faster!




Ok here is my results ...... I lost 15 lbs........ I lost 15lbs.... WOWOWOW!
Before the 24-day Challenge - I am not the one to get on the scales usually, never actually. My clothes tell me that I am gaining . Also that dam full length mirror does not lie to you... Sorry but that wont tell you that you look great. After the 24-day Challenge - I feel better than than I have in years. I want to thank you all for your support and the great suggestions for fabulous food. A huge Thanks to our Coach Joette Gdovin Bergeson and Coach Dan Bergeson for the all that you do for us and our community . I am truly blessed. You changed my life in more ways than you will ever realize. Hugs to all . Remember it is a lifestyle change not a diet..


JoetteHere it is, my 24-day Challenge "CHANGE" photo. I always thought that when people did a before and after from the front they could have good posture and fake it... no faking the back and butt!!

I am down 16 lbs over 2 months (-9lbs at 24-day challenge end), 11% body weight lost!!!, 4 total inches from my waist (2 at challenge end), and +/-9 fat % and literally never felt better, it sounds cheesy, but doing this challenge really changed my life and I don't have any glimpse of it changing back!! I had my first race post-challenge and although my strength wasn't completely where it should have be (this was a nutrition change for me not an exercise change), my nutrition (food as fuel), energy and lighter weight gave me an edge I never had before, I killed the race, my times were great and I felt amazing, I came in 6th in my group and generally I place 10th-12th at this race!


My challenge is officially over and I am down ten pounds! I could not be happier. Tonight I will have a glass of wine and enjoy my newly fitted jeans. I feel much more confident in my ability to make better eating decisions. YAY!




Today I discovered a short sleeve tweed jacket that had 2 buttons on the largest part if the arm. I stopped wearing it because on the largest button it cut my circulation off. However, today I buttoned the smallest button! Yippee!!!




Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result! Take the 24-day challenge & see the difference it can make for you!




What the 24-day Challenge did for us...

As avid athletes we train hard, race hard, and enjoy living life to the fullest. Over the past few years we have been competing nationally and internationally with a high degree of success, but we knew we could do better. We have always wanted to have more control over our nutrition but struggled to find a program to get us to our goals.

As coaches we have taken extensive coursework and helped athletes improve their overall performance through enhanced nutrition, but for some reason we never employed that same training on our own eating.

Finally we took the 24-day challenge and it literally changed our lives. We both lost about 9lbs on the challenge program including considerable fat as a perfect of body weight and total inches. We were at our racing weight at the beginning of the training season compared to our normal routine of training not just for improved race times but to shed that off-season weight. Now we are able to focus on training hard without carrying the few extra pounds and worrying about losing that weight.

Research shows that runners gain an average of 2 sec per mile per pound of fat loss (up to a maximum of course). By taking control of our nutrition we gained that speed and more! What more you are wondering? We now see food as fuel. It is no longer a reward used to treat ourselves after a hard workout - sure, we still splurge if desired, but more importantly we care about what we eat as a component of our overall training plan. Without any additional training, because we changed our nutrition, we gained more than 2 sec per mile and our race results are proving it!

The 24-day challenge helped us understand what is truly healthy - we always thought we were eating 'healthy', but once we took the challenge we learned what optimal nutrition meant.

We have been EMPOWERED! We have control over what we eat versus food having control over us. We are happier than ever before, not because we are fit - but because the food we are eating makes us feel good, it gives us those endorphins we usually have to wait for a good workout to get.

It sounds dramatic, but the 24-day challenge changed our lives - and this program has changed the lives of many of the athletes and families we have worked with - if you want to be empowered - it will change your life too!




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Back2Normal PT


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