Augusta 70.3 Ironman; Miami 70.3; Hanes City 70.3, or other 70.3 event of your choice,

Coaching for Full Ironman Events.

Training Plan:

The 6-month training program is divided into 3 periodization cycles of 2 months each.  Athletes can join at any point in the training process through race day!  When you are ready – we are here to help!

70.3 athletes are included in the regular season Team trainings, but are not inclusive of the entire workload for a 70.3 athletes. Team Trainings take place 7am Saturday mornings rotating each week to several locations near the area (Safety Harbor Marina, Oldsmar Veterans Park, Upper Tampa Bay Trail). Track/speed practice is held at Safety Harbor Middle School Thursday at 7:00pm, most Sunday team rides, and clinics will be in a race ready location.. Click here to check out some of the Team Training Locations for specifics.

70.3 Training Available for other events. Podium Personal Coaching available for athletes who want to take their performance to the next level - contact us for details. contact us

6-month program $250 INCLUDES:

  • 6-month Training schedule (daily workout program, beginner to experienced specific training programs)
  • Coached, team training sessions (Saturday mornings 7am, Thursday evenings [track or clinic] 7:00pm, many Sunday rides and/or swims)
  • Certified coaches to guide you through, team support to keep you motivated
  • Dry-tech, gender specific, team shirt
  • Informational clinics, coaching videos, and emails (learn about nutrition, stretching, speed work, race day prep, and much more)
  • Water stops & refreshments at training sessions
  • Team activities and other perks
  • Race registration and associated costs are not included

To register please complete your registration and pay $250 through PayPal. 

The first 2 months are developing your sport specific skills (fast legs on the bike, knowing your pace on the run, form on the swim) and going through the process of figuring out how to fit 70.3 training into your life - training day adjustments, nutrition needs, etc.  We will also begin the base building process.  This phase will be 'fun'!  The serious kind of fun where you are excited to learn and grow in each of the sports but not get burnt out.  A time to make mistakes, determine the need for 'button hole', etc.  You will be tired but energized.  During this time we will head as a group to the north end of the Pinellas trail to practice 'hills', then out to Lake Louisa in Clermont for bigger hills.  Both locations offer athletes the ability to meet as a team but ride your own pace while still being near your teammates!
The next 2 months are about serious endurance building.  Loooong bike rides (more button hole), long runs, open water swims, sport-specific speed training.  Lots of time and lots of effort!  This is also a lot of fun because on these long rides, runs, and swims you learn a lot about yourself and your goals.  It helps you know - you can do it!  During this time we will spend a few weekends at San Antonio on the bike, this is the single most important location to train on the bike for Augusta!  By Monday you will be spent :)
The final two months are all about keeping that endurance building going, but adding the sport-specific speed elements.  Expect several 2-a-day workouts.  This is the time when you figure out YOUR pace and finalize YOUR race goals.  It will be hard, fun, and may even push your limits!  During this 2 month period plan to spend a lot of time focusing on your race - try not to make vacation plans or other big events if possible.  It is only a few weeks and will make a lot of difference in your overall training program if you can devote this time to the one thing you love - Augusta 70.3!
You will receive your training program in 2 month increments based on the 3 cycles above.  Note that within the 3 cycles you will have periodization as well (eg, build weeks and recovery weeks).  The weeks all work together within the cycle, if you need to make major adjustments, lets chat about it.
We also want everyone to race roughly 1x per cycle -- start with a sprint and then 2 olympics.  These are only for practice and not for time - we will talk more about that within the training, but in the plan you will not see taper and rest for these events, they are a part of your training!  We will send a note about some races we propose to complete as a team.
Training for a 70.3 is a serious commitment, so during the first 2 months, get your family and friends on-board.  Get them excited to help you throughout your journey, help them by laying out your weekly training plan so they know what to expect and don't get frustrated when you are 'always off training'.  Give them a role in the process - packing your hydration and nutrition for the long trainings, having dinner prepared, etc.  Those sound like chores but really they are key elements to help you achieve this important goal.  And give them a goal - a celebration dinner with just the 2 of you, a stay-cation, something they will look forward to at the end!
Finally, we are here for you!  Breaking the training into 3 segments will help you from a mental standpoint.  But you need to stay focused throughout.  It will be really important for you to reach out to us if you have any issues, questions, or concerns.  We are here for you, but only know you need something if you tell us :)  We will work hard to support you all along the way.  GO TEAM!

JOIN THE TEAM - 6-month Program $250:
To register please complete your registration and pay through PayPal. 

This special training program covers the cost of joining the regular RunVie Racing seasons for the 2 seasons they crossover. It also includes training during the 'off-season schedule' of the regular team -- meaning, your 6-month schedule will provide you with a consistent training program througout the entire 6-month program.

The 70.3 schedule is to your level and is individualized, but not individual. If you want a individual training schedule or more in-depth training to meet your goals, we offer Individual training and can discuss to meet your needs.

Coaches Dan & Joette Bergeson are RRCA Certified Run Coaches, CPR and First Aid certified.

Note: Race registration is not included. Training program fees are non-refundable.

Please contact us and we can discuss your personal training and coaching needs!      

2013 RunVie Racing Augusta 70.3 Teammates

Augusta Chris

Augusta Dan

Celebrating Success

Augusta team



A 70.3 triathlon is a wonderful goal and an achievement that will last a lifetime. It is also a serious commitment of time, money, and energy. Training with a coach ensures that you make the best use of your precious training time, maximize your workouts and meet your goals. Training with a group provides a unique network of support. Not every workout includes swim, biking, or running together - but it does mean starting together, going your pace to complete the workout, and then celebrating the success with your teammates.

Training with a coached group sets you up for success - no matter if this is your first 70.3 or 15th, this program will meet your goals!

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