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RunVie Racing use the gold standard lactate protocols to determine an athletes’ functional threshold pace or power and corresponding heart rates.  By measuring blood lactate concentrations and identifying paces/power that generate blood lactate concentrations changes which produce a maximal sustainable pace or power outputs.

RunVie Racing uses proven techniques to help you determine your maximal pace/power at maximal lactate.  We provide you with your average pace/power and heart rates zones for use with our training programs or with your coach to prescribe individualized intensities needed for improving performance on the bike or run.

By measuring how an athlete’s blood lactate responds to different workloads, we are able to pinpoint the highest pace/power and average heart rates the athlete can sustain as it relates to their endurance training efforts and performance.  This means you will know the exact heart rate zones, pace, and power to train for training to produce sustained efforts. In-turn you will increase your LT and go faster and further!

The LT test is done on a track, treadmill or bike trainer and requires you to have a heart rate monitor and be able to complete a training bout of at least 4 miles for running or up to one hour on a trainer. The test involves a warm-up and cool-down set, and a finger stick to withdrawal a small blood sample similar to diabetes insulin testing. It is virtually painless. A pre-specified protocol for the test will be set based on your previous running/cycling pace/power performance. We will work with you to pre-define these thresholds. The tests takes approximately 1-1.5 hrs.

You will receive your lactate threshold values pace/power, 4 heart rate training zones, and your Level of Effort by Heart Rate (heart rate zones at L1-10 for use with RvR training programs)

Lactate Threshold Test costs $125 ($80 for athletes who we are contracted to individually coach)

To schedule your Lactate Thershold Test please CONTACT US and we can discuss all of the details


Frequently asked questions:

Who should get an LT test? Any athlete who is interested in training using scientific data to pinpoint their heart rate and training zones to maximize each training session. Really any athlete who wants to take their training to the next level.

What do I need for the LT test? You need to have a heart rate monitor. Come prepared to run or cycle (if cycling test you will want to use your own bike), you may also want a towel, water, etc. just like you were doing a training.

Who conducts the test? Certified USAT & RRCA Coaches Dan & Joette Bergeson of RunVie Racing personally conduct the test, with support from Assistance Coach David Gdovin.

Does it hurt? No, it does require 4-8 finger sticks where we use a tiny little prick and a 'diabetes-style' test strip to measure the amount of lactate in your blood. We use rubber gloves and have bandaides/cotton available. It is perfectly safe.

Where do you do the test? At a local track, on your trainer or our trainer at a local bike shop or other location. We can work out all of the details to make it convenient for you & us. We are located in Oldsmar, FL and do the tests locally near Oldsmar/ Safety Harbor/ Westchase/ Clearwater areas.

How far will have have to run or ride? This depends on the test and your current pace. Most athletes should be prepared for a warm-up, and roughly 3 sets of 1-1.5 mile efforts and a cool down. On a bike you will ride for roughly 45-60 min. The test begins fairly easy, so you are not running/cycling at max speed.

How do you know my pace? We will have a consult before the test to determine your previous training and racing paces and your future goal pace and work with our formula to calculate your running/cycling paces for the test.

What do I get after the test? We will give you a printout of your Maximal Lactic Threshold, pace, and heart rate; 4 heart rate training zones, and your Levels of Effort by heart rate (L1-10). This allows you or your coach to customize your training plan to your exact training needs in-order to improve.

Is this better than the regression test? The regression test is a useful test to provide you with information based on your current training and predict future times. It is good data to use as a guide in combination with your perceived levels of effort. The LT test gives you scientific data to plot your HR by Level. Both provide important data to use in evaluating your training, but the LT test provides a more credible source of information.

How often should I have an LT test? This depends on the type of athlete you are and your training goals. It is useful to conduct the LT test at the start of a training program or the start of the performance phase of training. Since the LT test provides you with data needed to generate HR zones and paces/power. You can repeat the LT test within the training cycle to adjust as you improve as determined by your coach. For most 'every day athletes', annually is generally reasonable.

How much does it cost? The LT test is $125 per person ($80 for athletes who we are contracted to individually coach). We can negotiate for repeat tests as needed depending on the time between tests.

Do you work with other Coaches? Yes, we participate in a non-compete relationship with other Coaches, therefore if you have an athlete who you want to receive an LT test, we will not discuss RunVie Racing or our coaching services with them. The non-compete is good for 6 months post test. The athlete will at no time be added to any RvR mailings even post non-compete unless they specifically request to join the team. We take our non-compete very seriously. There is very limited access to LT testing in our area and we want to offer this service as a convenience to you and your athletes. We also offer a referral fee to Certified Coaches who work with us. We look forward to working with you.

Do you work with groups, bike shops, running stores to offer the test? Yes, we are happy to partner with anyone interested in offering this service to their teammates or customers. Contact us and we can work together to get started!

Coaches Dan & Joette Bergeson are RRCA Certified Run Coaches, CPR and First Aid certified.

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