'Podium' Personal Coaching with Coach Dan Bergeson

Coach Dan Bergeson lives in the Chicagoland area and coaches athletes of all levels for running and triathlon.

What is Personal Coaching?  Coach Dan offers personal coaching to athletes looking to improve their race times, taking on a first time endurance event, looking to meet specific race goals, or wanting to be top of the podium! First, it is important to know, do you want Coaching or just a Training Plan?

Coaching is more than a training plan. It offers you the extra assistance you need to figure out exactly what and how to personalize your training plan as you continue towards race day. It provides you with expert personal guidance, assistance, and knowledge to help you meet your goals.

Personal coaching is for any athlete, beginner to pro, slow to the fastest - it is for athletes who want to make the most out of their training and racing! Coaching available for short to long distance triathlon & duathlon; competitive cycling; and short (track) to long (26.2) distance running including Boston Marathon qualifier training.

We offer several options for Personal Coaching - or contact us to discuss your needs!

1) COMPLETE COACHED TRAINING PROGRAM - $225/month - after a 1-1 consultation with Coach Dan, you will receive a personal training schedule for your race, geared to meet your goals. Coach Dan uses training peaks software (free to you) to send you your schedule, generally in 2-week training cycles, workouts are adjusted regularly and you receive a daily email with your specific workout (not a generic plan, a workout to meet your specific race goals). Athletes and coaches keep an open dialogue and discussion. This plan includes regular communication with Coach Dan to ensure you are on track!

1) COMPLETE PERSONAL COACHED TRAINING PLAN with 1-1 Training Sessions - $275/month & up - all of the personal coaching services listed above, with the addition of 1-1 training session and workouts with Coach Dan. Sessions can be 30 min-1 hour with the goal of either performance assessment or to push you to meet a specific training workout. Individual sessions can help improve your form, focus, etc. Sessions can be included in a weekly or monthly plan.

3) RACE SPECIFIC PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM - VIRTUAL TRAINING OPTION - $150 - Complete 12-week personalized training plan to your training goals or goal event. Complete training schedule with daily workouts, including rest, 3-periodization cycles, expert coaching and information via email or phone from coach, additional communication to provide assistance with minor adjustments to the training plan. Note: this is not a complete coaching program, this is a schedule with coaching support and some technical assistance.

4) IronMan and 70.3 Ironman Coaching - Coach Dan is a USAT certified coach and offers race specific Ironman and 70.3 Ironman training to meet your needs from personal coaching services to group coaching services. Contact Coach Dan to discuss your specific needs.

5) TRACK TRAINING - Masters Track, High School Track, College Progarms - Price varies based on needs - Coach Dan is a USATF Certified Coach and works with athletes looking to improve their track or race times (including track for speed in marathon). If you race Masters, High School, or College Track and need expert assistance in improving our times, contact Coach Dan to exceed your goals! If you are local in the Chicago area, Coach Dan offers 1-1 track training and workouts.

Please contact us and we can discuss your personal training and coaching needs!


Our Personal Coaching Success Stories

We have significant experience personally coaching athletes to achieve their dreams.  From athletes who rose to the top of the age-group rankings to others who placed in the top overall at key races. We have triathletes, duathletes, and runners who have moved into the next level of their athletic experience through personal coaching.

We also have experience personally coaching beginner athletes. Many times beginners are nervous about training with a group or they lack motivation to keep going. Having a coach to guide you through, provide key information to ensure success, and keep you motivated to see it through - many beginners turn into great age-group athletes who significantly improve their overall health and fitness.

Below are some photos of RunVie Racing Success!

Coach Dan takes 2nd Place Division at USAT Duathlon National Championships

Dan win WS2   Dan win WS

Dan win WS3

Dan win NM

Dan silver


Top Dog Winner at Sea Dog 5k

Gasparilla Distance Classic 5k Coach Dan takes 1st Place Division & 7th overall!

Top Gun Triathlon Relay Team Female Winners

Laurie takes Masters Winner at the Hoosters 2 Hooters



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Are you an athlete with time specific race goals? Have you been struggling to get to the next level? Have you always wanted to be at the top of the podium? Athletes who train, and train well, often need an expertly trained coach to help them navigate through their training. A coach takes the 'what should I do today' and 'is this the right workout to get my to my goals' pressure off the athlete. We work alongside our athletes to help determine where you are in your fitness, power, pace, and how to use that information to improve your times and meet your race goals.

Personal coaching is also great for beginner athletes who need extra attention, motivation, and knowledge of a coach to help them get started and meet their fitness and race goals!








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