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Athlete Testimonies

Below are some emails we received along the way from some of our athletes.  We take great pride in helping everyone, no matter how fast or not fast, reach their goals, and it shows :)!


"I just wanted to let you guys know I met the goal I wanted to reach and finished the Iron Girl Half in 2:04!!! Thanks for the awesome training and support! Can't wait to get faster - Thanks again!!!!"

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you both for all the support you have given me. As I am not the typical "athlete." I am usually overlooked, you both have been very encouraging and inclusive and I truly appreciate it. I am looking forward to the up coming weeks and the Gasperilla Classic."

"Thank you so much for coaching and guidance this past season. Today I improved by 10:21 over last year's race [half marathon]; your training really made the difference and I am looking forward to our next season.
Thanks again and see you at the Turkey Trot!!"

"Joette & Dan, Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and our group!  I will continue to work hard and improve my health.  I'll do my best to make you both proud :o)"

"Thanks!  I had a great run thanks to your coaching!  When I signed up for the marathon, I just wanted to finish.  Then, after I started training, I was shooting for a finish under 5 hours.  As we got closer to the marathon and after all the track training and following my running schedule, I was hoping for under 4.5 hours.  And I did it!  Thank you so much Dan and Joette!!!"

"Just finished my first triathlon ever!!! I couldn't have done it without the best support team/cheerleaders & of course my coaches/trainers/motivators who have pushed me to work my hardest at Prime-8 Fitness and Runvie Racing!! All of the hard work definitely paid off, I can't wait to train even harder and do it again!!"

"Admittedly, I am on my couch recovering from the day, but had to tell you how awesome the race was [Women's half marathon]!!! And I wanted to thank you for all the time, effort and support you provided throughout all the training sessions. Twelve weeks ago I  did not think it would be possible for me to attempt a half marathon but your training program and guidance really worked! (No surprise to you I'm sure, but a big surprise to me!) I was definitely prepared for the race and even when it felt like my body wanted to quit, I was ready for the mental aspect of the race with my mantra (never give up, never give in). Thanks again!"

"Thanks to my wonderful coaches I got my best PR in Miami!  After climbing seven hills, and 29 thousand people I even beat my Gasp. marathon time which was my very best. Knowing Miami is a tougher course I am proud of myself.  Each year I am improving, and this year I cut almost 15 minutes from my time this year."

"I just wanted to send a shout-out of "Thanks" for all you and Dan have done for me.  When you approached me on the track yesterday I initially thought you were going to tell me that you couldn't help me anymore - that I just wasn't doing well enough.  I was already playing in my head the repeat with the training with my old coach. I was thinking ok - here we go again...  Anyway, you have both been so supportive and I really appreciate it. If your goal is to make a difference in people's lives - you are succeeding.... Have a Blessed Day and I'll see you Saturday."

"Thanks so much for all of your coaching, encouragement and support. Can't wait to celebrate...then start training for something new!"

"A special thank you to all our coaches this season. You were awesome. Your training helped all of us finish Disney, Arizona and Gasparilla. Your encouragement and guidance kept everyone going."

"Hi!  I got my best 5k on 9/25/10 thanks to run vie racing! I was able to hold 8.50 pace with recieving two awards. I got first place in womans overall cancer survivor, and 2nd in my age group. Mike also got 2nd place!"

"Did the 15k last Sunday in 2:08 – six minutes faster than I thought it would take me – thanks to the track workouts. Felt good after."


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