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What the 24-day Challenge did for us...

As avid athletes we train hard, race hard, and enjoy living life to the fullest. Over the past few years we have been competing nationally and internationally with a high degree of success, but we knew we could do better. We have always wanted to have more control over our nutrition but struggled to find a program to get us to our goals.

As coaches we have taken extensive coursework and helped athletes improve their overall performance through enhanced nutrition, but for some reason we never employed that same training on our own eating.

Finally we took the 24-day challenge and it literally changed our lives. We both lost about 9lbs on the challenge program including considerable fat as a perfect of body weight and total inches. We were at our racing weight at the beginning of the training season compared to our normal routine of training not just for improved race times but to shed that off-season weight. Now we are able to focus on training hard without carrying the few extra pounds and worrying about losing that weight.

Research shows that runners gain an average of 2 sec per mile per pound of fat loss (up to a maximum of course). By taking control of our nutrition we gained that speed and more! What more you are wondering? We now see food as fuel. It is no longer a reward used to treat ourselves after a hard workout - sure, we still splurge if desired, but more importantly we care about what we eat as a component of our overall training plan. Without any additional training, because we changed our nutrition, we gained more than 2 sec per mile and our race results are proving it!

The 24-day challenge helped us understand what is truly healthy - we always thought we were eating 'healthy', but once we took the challenge we learned what optimal nutrition meant.

We have been EMPOWERED! We have control over what we eat versus food having control over us. We are happier than ever before, not because we are fit - but because the food we are eating makes us feel good, it gives us those endorphins we usually have to wait for a good workout to get.

It sounds dramatic, but the 24-day challenge changed our lives - and this program has changed the lives of many of the athletes and families we have worked with - if you want to be empowered - it will change your life too!