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If you are interested in sponsoring RunVie Racing - or have a product or service you want us to discuss, forward information about, or otherwise communicated to our team, we are happy to talk with you. As you can imagine, we get lots of requests and as this is a paid program that athletes are participating in, we are very careful about the kind and amount of information we send to them.

We have a network of over 400 athletes who have participated in our training program.

Most importantly, if you want us to promote your product or service to our team, there needs to be something in it for the team as well - free samples, donation, raffle discount, free promotion of the team or training programs, etc. Please send us your ideas with your request and we will work with you on the specifics. Thank you!






























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Our company was built out of our love of running and living a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to bring running and triathlon to people who don't think they can run, assist athletes who want to improve within their sport, and offer training to those who fall in the middle. We are certified USA Triathlon Level 1 Coaches, Road Runners Association of America Coaches, and Team in Training Coaches. We are CPR & First Aid certified for your safety.

Within this web site you will find a lot of different information - including links to other important health and wellness sites, our activities and group training sessions, and information on all aspects of duathlon, triathlon, and running.

OUR SERVICE: Coaches Dan & Joette along with members of RunVie Racing believe in giving back to the community. They have supported athletes training to raise funds for Team in Training Leukemia Society; MS Society, Tug McGraw Foundation, and Susan G Komen 3-day to name a few. The coaches and team have raised over $50,000 to give back to these and other charities. A portion of every registration is donated to charity each season! If you are training to raise funds for a charity, please let us know and we can help to support your efforts!

We hope you can JOIN US to bring better health and wellness to yourself and those around you.

See Ya! - Coaches Joette & Dan Bergeson